The role of BAZ:


The correct specifications are incedibly important as part of the quality of a project. The specifications describe what rules a project have to meet and in many cases the specifications are a contract document for the performing party and the client.

Good specifications leave no room for ambiguities, after specifications have a prominent role in the construction process, with clear definition of the quality of work.

On the one hand specifications are associated with the preparation of a work, on the other hand the specifications represent a starting document for the implementation phase. It is therefore of great importance to form a legal seamless whole, within the agreed financial framework, administrative and technical conditions.

With our qualified specifiers, professional knowledge and experience in both project management and monitoring, BAZ has the required expertise to manufacture specifications based on the STABU-2 system and UAV 2012.

Our expertise is an excellent starting point for advising our clients. BAZ has relevant expertise and is willing to advise you where the UAV-gc, the ARW 2012 or an European procurement guideline should be applied.

BAZ activities 

  •  Architectural specifications
  • installation specifications
  • Technical (Sales) descriptions
  • Safety and health plan
  • Program requirements
  • Technical program requirements
  • Terms and Conditions

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